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We're Celebrating

Greyson’s 5th Trip

Around the Sun - He’s

Officially a Handful!


Cypress Cove Water Park

8301 S. Janes Ave.

Woodridge, IL 60517

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July 8th, 2023

2:30 - 4:30 PM


  • **UPDATE **What if it rains on the day of the party?
    UPDATE 7/8: As of now, park is open today and everything is happening as planned (thank God - I have worked too hard on this party to have it get rained out). The weather actually looks like it's going to be sunny & 74 during our party!! Sarah will be monitoring the weather and she's signed up for Rainout Alerts; she will send out a notification if the party is canceled (postponed). If you like being in the know, you're free to call them at 630.353.3350 or sign up for the same Rainout Alerts prior to the party.
  • If parking lot is full, where is the overflow parking?
    When the Cypress Cove parking lot is full, overflow parking is available at the 3 parking lots of nearby Woodridge Park District parks/facilities. Orchard Hill is just south of the water park, on the east side of Janes Ave. Falconridge is south of the facility on the west side of Janes Ave and the ARC is north of the water park. Parking anywhere else is at your own risk.
  • ***NEW***What should I bring?
    towel swimsuit sunscreen change of clothes for after plastic bag for wet swimsuit for way home goggles if you have but i'm bringing extra pool diving sticks and rings allowed and we have some like 8 so if you have then bring no water guns, beach balls, or water balloons you can bring your child's water bottle if you wish if that's what you're used to like I am but we have a ton of juice boxes, soda, bottled water, lemonade, etc Note: you don't have to wear a bathing suit or go in the water with your child if they know how to swim. The park is designed that you can stand on the side and chat with the other parents while watching your child play in pool or go down waterslide.


Oct 2022 School Pictures
Fall 2021
Grey with his Daddy
Grey with Papa, Mimi & Cousin Tesley
Mama & Za (the late Lucky)
June 2023
Grey w/ his Nana, Dad, Sister
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